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 Although there are many kicks found in the different styles of karate, the main kicks of Goju Ryu karate are low kicks.  High kicks look spectacular but, in a reality based self defence scenario, they can be risky. They are often seen in competitions but their value on the street is questionable for most karateka. In support of this stand, the Goju kata contain no high kicks. 

 Ashi barai  Foot Sweep
 Fumikomi geri  Inward stomping kick
 Geri  Kick
 Hangetsu geri  Crescent kick
 Hiza geri  Knee rising strike
 Kakato geri  Heel kick
 Kake geri  Hook kick
 Kansetsu geri  Knee joint kick
 Kekomi mae geri  Thrusting front kick 
 Kin geri   Groin kick
 Mae geri   Front kick
 Mawashi geri  Upper roundhouse kick 
 Mikazuki geri  Outside crescent kick
 Otoshi geri  Axe kick
 Sokuto geri  Foot edge kick
 Sune geri  Shin kick
 Tobi geri  Jumping kick
 Ura Geri Spinning kick
 Ushiro geri  Back kick
 Yoko geri   Side kick




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